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Donated Equipment Sale

<p>Note that the equipment shown here is not the equipment that is for sale.</p>The Toronto Camera Club is sponsoring a in-Club Donated Equipment Sale!

The doors will be open from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Some of the equipment will be priced. However, some of the higher-end equipment will be by bid only. Bid forms are $2.

Here is a partial list of for-sale equipment:

Mamiya 6 MF camera body

Mamiya 6 50mm f4 lens, Mamiya 6 75mm f3.5 lens

Bronica ETR Si Camera body + Bronica ETR S  Camera Body + 5 film-backs; 2 x120 ; 2 x 135;  220

40mm f4, 50 mm f2.8, 75 mm f2.8, 150 mm f3.5, 28-300 mm f4.5

Zenza Bronica Macro Zenzanon-E  100mm F4 lens + Zenza Bronica Zenzanon MC 250 mm f5.6 lens

Close up filter CUL-2, Tele-converter PE 1.4X, Teleconverter -E   2x, Teleconverter E -28, Converter E-14 .5 x, Bronica Bellows 159- 250 mm, Automatic Bellows Attachment  E

Pentax 35 mm film camera body + Pentax motor drive ILX

SMC Pentax-A 24mm 2.8, SMC Pentax-A 28mm. 2.8, SMC Pentax-A 35 mm 2.8, SMC Pentax-A Macro 50 mm 2.8, SMC Pentax-A 85 mm 1.4, SMC Pentax-A 135 mm 1.8 

Tamron 80-200  with Adaptall mount that fits this camera

Pentax shift lens, Rear Converter-A  1.4XL, Rear Converter_A  2X-L, 

Pentax extension tubes 2 & 3, Cokin split density filters (1 and 2 stop) and holder, Pentax bellows 100 mm f4

Pentax 35 mm film camera body

SMC Pentax-A 300 mm f2.8 lens with manual focus

For further information, contact:

Note that the equipment shown here is not the equipment that is for sale.