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Migration Update: Last Update, Monday, March 20 2:27pm

Dear Members,

On Saturday, March 18th the website and email systems were moved to a new platform. The new platform will offer increased performance an better stability. As is expected with this type of change, there are a few bumps that need smoothing. Here are the specifics:

  • When you log into the Member-only area of the website – as usual – use your Membership Number and your normal website password. No changes here.
  • We are making adjustments to the Competition Submission System, so it remains offline. Update: The Competition Submission System is now online.
  • We are also adjusting the Member-only E-commerce System, so it also remains offline. Update: The E-commerce System is now online.
  • The public can purchase Talk Photography Lecture Series tickets.

We have a new email system and it is working properly, and all email was migrated from the previous system. There is a new Member-only webpage that explains how to access the new email system. To access the webpage, login to the website, and click Club Contacts, then Club Email.

Web Browser Issues:

When a website and email system are moved to a new platform, and new security certificates are applied, web browsers - like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari -- may need to be adjusted. More specifically, to increase performance, browsers keep certain data elements on your computer, so the next time you use a website or access an online email system, there is are shorter delays. Technically speaking, these data elements are referred to as cookies or browser data. 

Since we moved our website and email systems to a new platform, the browser data and cookies no longer apply - but the browser does not know that. Therefore, when you try to access the website or the online Club email system, you might get a This connection is not private message, or website not found. If you are having access issues, you should clear your browser data and cookies. For instructions on how to do this for the popular browsers, click here.

Thank you for your patience, while we improve the website and email platform. If you have related questions, email: