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Joining the Toronto Camera Club

Please read all of this webpage, before clicking the link in step-1.

Thank you for your interest in the Toronto Camera Club. We would be happy to have you as a new member, and you can join online.
Please note that when you join the Club, it’s a multi-step process.
1.    You Register-to-Join, by clicking this link.
2.    When you register, you will be asked to confirm your email address. Watch your inbox, and if you don’t see anything (it can take 5 minutes to receive the email), check your SPAM folder.
3.    When you confirm your email address, you will be presented with a link, so that you can pay for your Membership, using a credit card. 
4.    Once your payment is confirmed, you will be sent a Welcome email, with instructions on how to log into the Member-Only section of the website.
5.    Please do not register Wednesdays from 10am-12 noon, as this is the website maintenance window.
After you have joined you will get a weekly Newsletter with all the details of what's going on at the Club. The Newsletter is normally sent every Saturday. 
You will also get a Welcome-Kit that contains a lot of useful information about our Club Program, our website, and you can request a Buddy (a person with some club-experience) to help you get started and feel welcome and comfortable in the Club.
Please note that, due to the pandemic, we have hybrid meetings (virtual meeting using Zoom and in-person meetings at the Club). Therefore, you can choose to attend, using Zoom, or come to the Club.
If you have any further questions or issues with the sign-up process, email us using the email address below.
David Hillock, Membership Co-Chair
Matt Frepp, Membership Co-Chair