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Studio Lighting Program

<p>Image Credit: Gord McElroy, Monica</p>The Toronto Camera club owns a complete set of studio lighting equipment. This equipment and studio space are available for Club Members to use.

The Club provides Introductory Studio and Portrait Workshops. These Workshops consist of three, three-hour sessions, spread over three weeks These Workshops are generally run in the Fall and Winter months. The topics covered include

  • How to set up the equipment.
  • Understanding how the lights affect your images.
  • How to get the best from your models

We also run Refresher Workshops for Members who have completed the Introductory Workshop.

Members wanting to do studio work at the Club need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed the Introductory Studio and Portrait Workshop.
  • Have been a Member for at least one full Season. 
  • Have paid the $30 Studio Fee. Know that this fee is used to refresh and repair the studio equipment.
  • Each shoot needs two people besides the model. It is suggested that the second person be from the Club, but this is not a requirement.

The Club has a wonderful space and all the equipment needed for you to learn how to use studio equipment and to make beautiful portraits (individual, family, pet, etcetera).

Following is a list of the studio lighting equipment owned by the Toronto Camera Club.

Strobe Lights Light Stands
Booms Sand Bags
 Diffusors  Umbrellas
 Backdrop Stands   Cloth DropSheets
Light Triggers & Transmitters  Light Meters
Reflectors Stools, Chairs, Tables

If you require further information:

Image Credit: Gord McElroy, Monica