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Beginner Photography Workshops

<p>Image Credit: Tom Hsiao, Feeding Barn Swallow Chicks</p>The Toronto Camera Club offers a beginners workshop on photography, and this offering is included in your Membership Fee.

The workshop covers the basic principles, fundamentals, and techniques of photography, as well as the rules of composition.

The workshop is normally offered twice a year, with  online and in-person sessions. Classes are normally offered in the Fall (October - November) and the Winter (January - February).

Each workshop has three to four classes, that are two hours each, with four to six participants.

Here is a summary of the workshop outline.

  • How to operate a camera with an explanation of the basic settings.
  • Explain exposure and exposure triangle: Aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Difference between shooting in Manual, Automatic, and Exposure Priority modes.
  • Introduce Depth of Field, White Balance, and the use of Histogram.
  • Achieving different effects with different lenses and accessories.
  • Best practices, composition tips and composition rules.

The participants are given opportunities to create images and practice their skills, followed by reviews and feedback from the instructor and class participants.

If you require further information:

Image Credit: Tom Hsiao, Feeding Barn Swallow Chicks