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Club Year-End Trophies and Awards

Trophy Images
The Toronto Camera Club has a rich history, that dates back to 1888. The richness of the Club, in part, is related to its Members. Not only the current Members, but the Members that came before us. Some of the trophies date back to the early '50s.

This section of the website is dedicated to the Members who came before us, and who made significant contributions to the Club. Their dedication and contribution are commemorated in the Year-End Trophies and Awards.

You will see that not all trophies are Member-Named. Some of the trophies are awarded to High Aggregate Points, for the Season, and in a particular Category, such as Nature, or Pictorial.

Note that each sub-menu item has been dedicated to a single trophy or award, and to the Members who have won it. Enjoy!

Thank you to Victor Peters, a long-term Member of the Club. Victor has been the keeper of this information and the Awards Chairperson for many years. We thank Victor for his diligence in preserving this important part of our history.

Following is a summary of the Year-End Awards. For a historical perspective, look to the individual award pages in the above sub-menus.

Trophy/Award2021-2022 Winners2022-2023 Winners
3M Trophy James Cuthbert James Cuthbert
Assigned Topics Aggregate Points Trophy Catalin Sandu Pat Zuest
Bohdan Switajlo Trophy Howard Weinberg Christopher Siou
Buckley Trophy Janna Cheng Diana Noriel
Carveth Trophy James Cuthbert Christopher Siou
Charles Miller Memorial Trophy Maryann Griffin Felix Rivero
Christopher Siou Trophy Christopher Siou Christopher Siou
Cliff Pugh Memorial Scott Bennett Iskouhee Kirakosyanu
Creative Images Aggregate Points Trophy Gareth Jones  Shiree Jetha
David John Wright Kathryn Moore  Kathryn Moore
David Nicholls Memorial Trophy Scott Bennett  Iskouhee Kirakosyanu
Digitally Enhanced Trophy Kathryn Moore  Shiree Jetha
Eva Kato Memorial Trophy Christopher Siou  Gareth Jones
Honours Trophy Flexis Rivero  Gulnur Sener
John Powell Award Christopher Siou  Victor Peters
McGregor Nature Trophy Howard Weinberg  Katie Mak
Nature Images Aggregate Point Trophy Katie Mak  Connie Lee
Pictorial Images Aggregate Points Trophy Katie Mak  James Cuthbert
Pogue Trophy Gulnur Sener  Sritharan (Sri) Sivagnanam
Thomas Harrison Fred Patterson  Katie Mak