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Rex Frost Memorial Trophy

Top year-end series of four monochrome or colour prints.Rex Frost joined the club in 1944. He served several terms as President (1947-49) and as Editor of Focus. He was awarded an honorary life membership in 1964. He achieved standing as both Associate and Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (A.R.P.S., F.R.P.S.) and established himself as the most creative photographer in monochrome in Canada. Rex was a broadcaster on CFRB, and was known across Canada as Mr. Photography, giving lectures on the Art of Photography at the University of Toronto and writing the Canadiana column in the PSA journal and a syndicated column on photography for American newspapers. The Board established this trophy to honour and perpetuate the name of Rex Frost.
1970 Don Lizar A.R.P.S.   1997 Saul Hirsch
1971 J.F.Beveridge A.R.P.S.   1998 Adrian Szasz
1972 Karl Reeser   1999 James Beveridge
1973 Michael Swietorzecki   2000 Saul Hirsch
1974 W.R. Warren   2001 Saul Hirsch
1975 T. Hrastnik   2002 Adrian Szasz
1976 K. O’Connor   2003 Tony Sladden
1977 A. Paulin   2004 not awarded
1978 T. Hrastnik   2005 Catherine Stedman
1979 A. Paulin   2006 Victor Peters
1980 A. Paulin   2007 Ann Alimi
1981 M. Swietorzecki   2008 Gerda Grice
1982 T. Hrastnik   2009 Victor Peters
1983 Tony Hrastnik   2010 Victor Peters
1984 Arthur Paulin   2011 Sheri Belanger
1985 Anna Lempicki   2012 Sheri Belanger
1986 not awarded   2013 Pat Zuest
1987 not awarded   2014 Pat Zuest
1988 Arthur Paulin   2015 Pat Zuest
1989 Arthur Paulin   2016 not awarded
1990 Anna Lempicki   2017 not awarded
1991 Arthur Paulin   2018 not awarded
1992 Arthur Paulin   2019 Kevin Dawson
1993 Arthur Paulin      
1994 Arthur Paulin      
1995 Arthur Paulin      
1996 Arthur Paulin