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David John Wright Creative Images Trophy

In the Fall of 2009, the Board and Competition Committee decided to rename this trophy the David John Wright Creative Images Trophy in memory of David John Wright. Previously it was known simply as the Creative Images Trophy. The trophy is awarded to the Top Monthly Creative Image for the Season.

2006 Ashok Grover   2007 Inta Ridler   2008 Kerry Bellamy   2009 Miriana Mitrovich
2010 Toni Wallachy  2011 Sheri Belanger  2012 Sheri Belanger 2013 Kanellos Syrmopoulos
2014 Toni Wallachy 2015 Ann Alimi 2016 MaryAnn Griffin 2017 Not Awarded
2018 Richard Adams 2019 Ann Alimi 2020 Ann Alimi 2021 MaryAnn Griffin
2022 Kathryn Moore 2023  Kathryn Moore