Toronto Camera Club Policies & Documents

<p>Image Credit: Melanie Lopes, Compostela</p> The Toronto Camera Club has a number of policies that pertain to privacy, refunds, the website, and the operation of the Club itself. When you join the Club, you are agreeing to these policies. These documents can be found below: 

1 TCC Privacy Policy Click Here
2 TCC Refund Policy Click Here
3 TCC Current By-Laws Click Here
4 TCC Competition Rules (2022-10) Click Here
5 TCC Website Terms and Conditions Click Here
6 TCC Harassment Policy Click Here
7 Life Memberships - Policy and Calculations Click Here
8 Returning Member Policy Click Here
9 TCC New Member Booklet Click Here
10 TCC Website - A Quick Start Guide Click Here

Image Credit: Melanie Lopes, Compostela

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