Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Given the size of the Toronto Camera Club, we are able to offer Members the opportunity to participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

A SIG is an independ group of 5-15 like-minded Members who share a specific photography related interest. The SIG meets on a regular basis to pursue that interest.

As an example, one of our SIGs (formed in 2021) focuses on developing a personal style. The group meets on Zoom, but SIGs can also reserve a space in the Club or coffee-shop time, if preferred. SIGs are organized by each group in any manner that suits their needs.

A large, social, and multifaceted Club like ours provide an opportunity to develop personal relationships, while at the same time, pursuing specific photographic interests.

If you are a Member of the Club, or you are considering joing the Toronto Camera Club and you require more information on SIGs, please contact our SIGs Coordinator: . For Membership Information, click here.

Image Credit: Janna Cheng, Humber Bay Park

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