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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Given the size of the Toronto Camera Club, we are able to offer Members the opportunity to participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs). A large, social, and multifaceted Club like ours provide an opportunity to develop personal relationships, while at the same time, pursuing specific photographic interests.

A SIG is an independent group of 5-15 like-minded Members who share a specific photography related interest. The SIG meets on a regular basis to pursue that interest. The group might meet on Zoom, but SIGs can also reserve a space in the Club or coffee-shop time, whatever suits their needs.

As of fall, 2023, there are two SIGs - the Personal Style SIG and the Midjourney AI SIG.

Formed in 2021, the Personal Style SIG of 15 members, focuses on developing personal style. We meet once a month on a Wednesday afternoon on Zoom. It is intended as a support group for intermediate and advanced photographers who have been making images for a while, who have entered some competitions, and who feel awash in their own imagery. Our focus is on what inspires each person as a photographer to take pictures and to gain an understanding of their personal style and direction as a photographer. At our meetings each member has an opportunity to share a couple images for discussion with a deeper dive into the work of a single volunteer. 

The Midjourney AI SIG was formed in late  2023 for members to share images and learning around the use of the Midjourney AI program to create images from text-based input. 

From time to time these groups have room for new members. If if you are a Member of the Club, or you are considering joing the Toronto Camera Club and you require more information on SIGs, please contact our SIGs Coordinator: . For Membership Information, click here.

Image Credit: Janna Cheng, Humber Bay Park