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Inspirational Images Nights

<p>Image Credit: Nijole Mockevicius, Coral Fungi, Lake Traverse</p>Inspirational Images Nights are Monday night programs in which members share their images outside of competitions. Some are themed evenings, in which members are invited to submit images on a theme. Dates and sketches of the themes for 2022-23 are briefly sketched here. These are not rule-bound like competitions so anything (fitting the theme) goes.  

January 9, 2023 - Natural Things: 

An opportunity to share images of a wide range of animal, botany and general natural things such as pets, gardens, farms, bird wall art, patterns in nature, etc. that you'd love to submit to Nature Competitions but are not allowed. All styles - realistic and others, such as impressionistic, abstract, orton, filtered, ICM, multiples, etc. are encouraged. 

March 20, 2023 - Everything About Water: 

From water drops to water puddles to waterfalls, again in any style. The evening will include a short presentation by Scott Bennett on underwater photography.

May 9, 2023 - Portraits with a Twist:

Informal photography of people, whether in their homes, on the street, engaged in some activity, during some special occasion, at night, with their pet, etc. Selfies  and cell phone images welcome. The challenge is to produce an image that evokes the personality of the person being photographed. 

Masters' Nights:

A traditional feature of Club programs is Masters' Nights, in which members in the Masters division give extended presentations on their histories as photographers and their current work. Masters presentations in 2022-23 are by Kathy Moore (September 26) and Catalin Sandu (January 16, 2023).

My Journey in Photography:

Finally, a regular feature in the last few years has been My Journey in Photography, presentations by members who joined in the last year or two, usually in the Beginners Division, but who are already experienced photographers. 

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Image Credit: Nijole Mockevicius, Coral Fungi, Lake Traverse