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Welcome to the 3D Galleries Homepage

The 3D galleries homepage is a place where the Toronto Camera Club Members can profile their created images, using a modern 3D layout.

Thank you to Gulnur Sener (a Member since 2018), and Madeleine Nikolova (a Member since 2014) for curating the galleries. Many thanks to Can (John) Sener for creating the 3D galleries.


  • When you are inside the 3D Gallery, click the arrows on the floor to move towards a wall, and then you can use the left/right arrow keys to move to different walls.
  • You can also hold your mouse button down and drag to the direction you want.
  • If you want to see all the images on one wall – close-up – when you are close to the wall, click the icon next to the photographer's name

Exhibition, Creative: Click here to enter the Exhibition

03 01 AliceDaSilva 1 AbstractPhotographer: Alice Da Silva
Statement: To produce these images I used an in-camera technique called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).  The painterly effect is created by moving the camera in a panning motion diagonally, vertically, or horizontally and wiggling the camera with a slow shutter speed.
Images: Abstract-1, Abstract-2, Abstract-3, Abstract-4

Piano Jazz
Photographer: Gareth Jones
Statement: I love to take my original photographs and to create from them, using a wide range of post-processing software, bold abstracts or images that are visually different.
Images: Let There be Colour, Owl, Insect Vision, When the Piano Plays Jazz
Social Media: Instagram: @firstgareth  Website:,  Facebook:

03 03 James Cuthbert Anastasia White Flames
Photographer: James Cuthbert
Statement: My creative imagery utilizes Photoshop to create composites of my portraits and other images to create an unreal, but realistic, image.
Images: Anastasia White Flames, Who Goes There, Stand with Ukraine, The Siren
Social Media: Instagram: @jcuthbertphotography, Website:

03 04 KathyMoore 2 Hope on the Horizon
Photographer: Kathryn Moore
Statement: My imagery is done by using composites using many images that I have taken with my camera. I try to convey a message through my work, often being related to the environment or issues in my life or sometimes just humour to lighten my mood.
Images: Dust in the Wind, Hope on the Horizon, Rain a Sunny Day, Saving a Piece of our Planet
Social Media: Instagram: @kathy.moore2016

Please note that all images are copyrighted by the makers.

Exhibition, Architecture: Click here to enter the Exhibition


02 LindaRobertsRosen Name:   Andrew Wodzinski
Images:   North York RBC Tower | North York Architecture| Bloor Street W | 
Gibson Square Tower, North York
Social Media:  

Instagram: @andrzej_wodzinski
Web Page:

Images:   Multiple Triangles Reaching for the Sky | New Building | To the Point |
Crystal Facets, BW1400
Social Media:
04 MaryAnnGriffin Name:   Lawrence Bernstein
Images:   Architectural Abstraction no 33 | Architectural Abstraction no 77 |
Brutalism|Condo and Clouds 
Social Media:    webpage:
03 Mary Garrone Name:   Liliana Markovic
Images:   RBC, Toronto | MM Tower, Mississauga | Arranged Chaos, Toronto |
Curved Art by Frank Gehry, Duesseldorf, Germany
Social Media:   Website:

Please note that all images are copyrighted by the makers.

Exhibition, Birds: Click here to enter the Exhibition


02 LindaRobertsRosen Name:   Colin Angus
Images:   Scarlet Tanager in moult | Turquoise-browed Motmot | Yellow Warbler |
Yucatan Jay
Social Media:   Meta (was Facebook)
Images:   Red-legged Honeycreeper | Resplendent Quetzal | Eastern Bluebird |
Female American Goldfinch
Social Media    NA
04 MaryAnnGriffin Name:   Norah Jancik
Images:   Snowy Owl | Red-bellied Woodpecker| Tree Swallows | Shoveler Duck
Social Media:     NA
03 Mary Garrone Name:   Roger Leekam
Images:   Red-tailed Hawk | Little Blue Heron | Loon with Chicks |
Male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Social Media:   Meta (was Facebook) | Flickr

Please note that all images are copyrighted by the makers.

Exhibition, Florals, Click here to enter the Exhibition


02 LindaRobertsRosen Name:   Linda Roberts Rosen
Images:   Magnolia,  Spring Rain | Rudbeckia, Summers End | City Lights, Neon, Dahlia |
Zinnia, Sunny Summer Day | Hibiscus, Dancing
Social Media:   Instagram
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Name:    Lillian Toohey 
Images:   Lotus with Raindrops | Monarch on Coneflower | Echinacea Flower | 
Juno a Tropical Night Blooming Plant | Wild Rose 
Social Media:    NA
04 MaryAnnGriffin Name:   MaryAnn Griffin  
Images:   Spent Peony | Love my Peonies | Iris | Tulip | Colourful Garden 
Social Media:    Instagram
03 Mary Garrone Name:   Mary Garrone 
Images:   Dancing in the wind | Through the Garden Gate | Sunflower, Infrared | Sweat Pea |
Fields of Stars, Infrared
Social Media:   Instagram | Meta Was Facebook) | Website

Please note that all images are copyrighted by their makers.

Image Credit: Janna Cheng, Golden Light in Norway