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Toronto Camera Club New Member Buddy Program

The Toronto Camera Club has a vast array of photography-related activities. Members can participate in competitions, workshops, outings (local, within Province, and Internationally), among many other Program-related activities. When you join the Toronto Camera Club, you will be allocated a Buddy. Our Buddy Program is for new Members, and is designed help you immerse yourself into all Club activities and opportunities.

Having a Buddy at the club can make a huge difference, and will help you to feel comfortable as you begin to participate and enjoy Club activities. Just knowing there is someone there to listen, and who is genuinely interested in helping you, can make new members feel supported. You will therefore have one e-mail address or phone number to contact or call, should you have a question or concern.

Our volunteer Buddies are Members who regularly attended meetings for at least a year, are familiar with the Club Program and understanding the importance of being-there for new Members. To gain the most benefit from a Buddy, you have to be proactive in contacting them, when necessary. They are an important resource for you by guiding you with suggestions. Keep in touch so each will know when the other will be away for a while

By attending Monday night meetings, lectures and workshops, your membership becomes one of photography, entertainment and socializing even if it has to be on Zoom. The more you are seen participating in Club activities, the more we get to know you. Take advantage of the meetings to network and yes you can do that on Zoom as well. Observe the Members winning awards and approach them to talk about what and how they do it.

Stanley Shoolman, Buddy Program Chair

  Tel: (416) 492-1061
Cell: (647) 405-1061
Fax: (416) 502-9095