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Bohdan Switajlo Trophy

To honour the memory of Bohdan Switajlo, a well-known print-maker who was also a landscape painter in his early years, the Board initiated this trophy. It hoped to extend the idea of landscape beyond nature to urban and other non-conventional approaches. (Focus Summer 2004, pg. 22). Until 2011, the trophy was awarded for landscape prints, and since 2012 it is awarded for urban landscape projected images.
2004 Christopher Siou   2014 Catalin Sandu
2005 Catherine Stedman   2015 Iskouhee Kirakosoyan
2006 Stephen Morley   2016 Pat Zuest
2007 Catherine Stedman   2017 Christopher Siou
2008 Ralph Grose   2018 Iskouhee Kirakosyan
2009 Christopher Siou   2019 Yves L’Italien
2010 Adam Merifield   2020 James Cuthbert
2011 Christopher Siou   2021 Scott Bennett
2012 Catalin Sandu   2022 Howard Weinberg
2013 Jack Pasht