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Competition Results, 2020-2021: TCC 2022 Calendar

Below you will find all the information related to this competition. Congratulatiosn to all the winners!

Thank you to the Competition Participants, Judges, and Club Volunteers who made this competition possible.

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Competition Chair: Christopher Siou
Judge #Judge NameJudge Club
Judge-1 Ralph Grose Toronto Camera Club
Judge-2 Gerda Grice Toronto Camera Club
Judge-3 Lillian Toohey Toronto Camera Club

Special Thank You to Victor Peters, who designed the wall calendar and was responsible for the produciton process.


January Gulnur Sener Winter at the Beaches
February Pat Zuest Not Sustainable
March Scott Bennett Diamond Beach
April Gareth Leung Sunbeam After Rain Shower
May Kathy Moore Green Lady Slipper
June Roger Leekam Peregrine Falcon with Chicks
July Colleen Pollick Fox Kit Greeting Dad
August Lillian Markovic Georgian Bay
September Gabriela Dinu Wolf Howl Pond, Algonquin Park
October Christopher Siou Evening Light Sassolungo
November Gareth Jones Winter Grasses at the Beach
December Jean Liao Mountain Peak
 Cover Alice Da Silva Vibrant Sumac
Bonus-1 Mei Shih Mini Gerbera