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Competition Results, 2021-2022: Nature-3

Below you will find all the information related to this competition. Congratulatiosn to all the winners!

Thank you to the Competition Participants, Judges, and Club Volunteers who made this competition possible.

Note-1: To see an image title in a gallery below, hoover your mouse over the image, or click the image.

Note-2: Members, you can only see the Scores and Comments Panel if you are logged into the website.

Competition Chair: Christopher Siou & Tom Hsiao
Judge #Judge NameJudge Club
Judge-1 Francis King No Club
Judge-2 Mark Girard Richmond Hill Camera Club
Judge-3 Carolyn King No Club

The results for each Competition Division can be found below.

(Note the following abbreviations)

Abbreviation Meaning
BIS Best in Show
Top Top or First Place Image
RU Runner Up or Second Place Image
HM Honourable Mention

Division: Beginners

Top - Zoology  Janna Cheng Common Tern 
RU Jerzy Orzechowski Fungus World 
RU Jerzy Orzechowski Patient Stones
HM Vladimir Palchkov  Alstrom Point Lake Powell Utah
RU  Garnet Rich Male Elks Fighting Over Females 
HM Janna Cheng Short Eared Owl 
HM Garnet Rich  Fox Kits Interacting 
HM Garnet Rich Juvenile and Adult Bald Eagles Inte

Division: Advanced

Top - Botany  Ron Pearson   Goats Beard
RU Dror Orbach Ancient Oak 
HM Ron Pearson  Dandelion 
RU Sara Shettleworth Mrosovsky  Costa Rica Sunset 
RU Howard Weinberg  Seven Legged Garden Spider 
HM Dror Orbach Eurasean Hoopoe 
HM  Bruce Kennedy Bohemian Waxwing 
HM Gina Jackson Spotted Hyena With Kill Selous NP

Division: Masters

Top - Zoology Catalin Sandu Fishing Spider Defending Its Nest  
RU Katie Mak Moss Forest 
HM Catalin Sandu Red Buckeye Leaves In Spring 
RU Karim Abiali Dunes of the Empty Quarter Desert 
RU   Pat Zuest Red Winged Blackbird Feeding Chick 
HM Katie Mak Bald Eagle Lost Grip  
HM Roger Leekam Grackle Feeding Fledgling  
HM  Colin Angus Monarch Butterfly Taking Flight 
HM Roger Leekam Loon With an Expectant Chick