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Competition Results, 2022-2023: Pictorial-1

Below you will find all the information related to this competition. Congratulatiosn to all the winners!

Thank you to the Competition Participants, Judges, and Club Volunteers who made this competition possible.

Note-1: To see an image title in a gallery below, hoover your mouse over the image, or click the image.

Note-2: Members, you can only see the Scores and Comments Panel if you are logged into the website.

Competition Chair: Tony Courtright & Felix Rivero
Judge #Judge NameJudge Club
Judge-1 Bob Hawkins Mississauga Camera Club 
Judge-2 David Sweeney Oshawa Camera Club 
Judge-3 Kathy Constantinou Richmond Hill Camera Club 

Below you will find the Best in Show image.

The results for each Competition Division can be found below.

(Note the following abbreviations)

Abbreviation Meaning
BIS Best in Show
Top Top or First Place Image
RU Runner Up or Second Place Image
HM Honourable Mention

Division: Beginners

Top Colleen Pollack Canada Day Fireworks at Ashbridges
RU Diana Noriel Leaf Design
HM Biswajit Das Lighthouse
HM Diana Noriel St Pauls Basilica
HM Diana Noriel Spiritual Glow
HM Matthew Fimio Shelter From The Storm
HM Matthew Fimio Driftwood

Division: Advanced

Top Janna Cheng Fighting the Rapid
RU Pat Antliff Atacama High Desert Sunrise
HM Alistair Graham Serenity
HM Harry Shulman Deserted Greenland Fishing Village
HM Howard Weinberg Pipe Organ Detail
HM  James Douglas Irish Rowboat at Dawn
HM Jean Liao Sunset at the Jacksons point
HM Jean Liao The Bend
HM Pat Antliff In the Quiver Tree Forest
HM Rob Jemmett Black Church - Iceland
HM Tony Mandle An Evening Sail

Division: Masters

Top Pat Zuest  Pink Tulip 
RU Catherine Auyeung   Fluid Metal 2
HM Christopher Siou  Frozen Field Iceland 
HM Felix Rivero  Fontaine de Tourny 
HM James Cuthbert  Portrait of Alexa 
HM Katie Mak  Motocross Accident 03 
HM Katie Mak   Gymnast 41
HM Ron Pearson  Yellow Radiance 
HM Ron Pearson  The Moment of Release 
HM Scott Bennett  Ulugh Beg Madrasa, Samarkand