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Competition Results, 2022-2023: Nature-1

Below you will find all the information related to this competition. Congratulatiosn to all the winners!

Thank you to the Competition Participants, Judges, and Club Volunteers who made this competition possible.

Note-1: To see an image title in a gallery below, hoover your mouse over the image, or click the image.

Note-2: Members, you can only see the Scores and Comments Panel if you are logged into the website.

Competition Chair: Christopher Siou & Tom Hsiao
Judge #Judge NameJudge Club
Judge-1 Parvez Khartib Trillium Camera Club
Judge-2 Ron Goodlin Richmond Hill Camera Club
Judge-3 Cynthia Smith Don Mills Camera Club

Below you will find the Best in Show image.

The results for each Competition Division can be found below.

(Note the following abbreviations)

Abbreviation Meaning
BIS Best in Show
Top Top or First Place Image
RU Runner Up or Second Place Image
HM Honourable Mention

Division: Beginners

Top - Zoology Jeff Dennis Bald Eagle
RU Monica Dingle Oak Leaf on Ice
RU Barb Mcarthur  September Sunset Georgian Bay 
RU Bonnie Cutten  Cardinal Male 
RU Mei Shih  Red-winged Blackbird 
HM Salvatore Salpietro  European Starling Feeding Chick 
HM Salvatore Salpietro Cabbage White Feeding on Lavender
HM Bonnie Cutten Wood Duck Male
HM Monica Dingle King of the Pond

Division: Advanced

Top - Zoology Jill Lam Great Blue Heron Fighting
RU Rob Jemmett Deer Mushroom
HM Jean Liao Indian Cucumber-root
HM Tony Mandle Forget Me Not
RU Jill Lam Sunrise in Lake Abraham
HM Janna Cheng Stokksnes Iceland
HM Connie Lee Mara River Crossing
HM Harry Shulman Chickanishing Civil Twilight
RU Connie Lee Cheetah Mother and Cub
HM Dror Orbach Yellow Warbler Looking for Insects
HM Tony Mandle Frog Well Camouflaged

Division: Masters

Top - Zoology Katie Mak Bee Eaters with Dragonfly
RU Felix Rivero Wild Carrot Flower
HM Catalin Sandu Buckeye Leaves In Spring
HM Pat Zuest Indian Paintbrush
RU Mary Perdue Amboseli Elephants Relocating
HM Gary Carr An Island in Killarney
HM James Cuthbert Bruarfoss Waterfall Iceland
RU Katie Mak Leopard with Thomson Gazelle
HM Christopher Siou Lion Cubs Play Fighting
HM Christopher Siou Elephants Crossing Amboseli
HM Ron Pearson Common Baskettail Dragonfly