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Competition Results, 2021-2022: Creative/Altered Reality-3

Below you will find all the information related to this competition. Congratulatiosn to all the winners!

Thank you to the Competition Participants, Judges, and Club Volunteers who made this competition possible.

Note-1: To see an image title in a gallery below, hoover your mouse over the image, or click the image.

Note-2: Members, you can only see the Scores and Comments Panel if you are logged into the website.

Competition Chair: Gareth Jones
Judge #Judge NameJudge Club
Judge-1 Robyn Zolnai Associate Director, Stephen Bulger Gallery 
Judge-2 Kyle Matuzewiski Co-Director, Bu-Xi Gallery 
Judge-3 Taiga Bentley Assistant Director, Olger Korper Gallery 

Below you will find the Best in Show image.

The results for each Competition Division can be found below.

(Note the following abbreviations)

Abbreviation Meaning
BIS Best in Show
Top Top or First Place Image
RU Runner Up or Second Place Image
HM Honourable Mention

Division: Beginners

Top Fred Patterson Self Portrait
RU Monica Dingle Burlington Beach
HM Diana Noriel Autumn Water Colours with Water Play

Division: Advanced

Top Stanley Shoolman The Complexity of Architecture (BIS)
RU Felix Rivero Young Boy Dream
HM Shiree Jetha Beer and Barbecue

Division: Masters

Top Yves Litalien Life Metaphorically Speaking
RU Kathy Moore The Evolution of Computer Mice
HM Kathy Moore Plastic Pollution